Change the course

Since the beginning of 2021 I had one idea fixed on my mind: I need a positive change in my work life. This was the first time in my life that I expend so much time inside the same role / company, due to different reasons. The work itself wasn’t a problem, or my team,… Continue reading Change the course

Coding Challenges

Recently I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge on my Twitter, after taking a time to research what to do, and how to accomplish getting all those days marked on my Github. In the last year I have contributed to so many projects in different private repositories on Gitlab, and other services, that completely neglected my open… Continue reading Coding Challenges

Why code = art();

Had the honor and opportunity to review and improve a piece of code for a challenge, and I was delighted with the challenge. Didn’t have the opportunity to fully jump and devote myself with the time, since needed to balance everything with my current day job, and family life, but, getting that feeling again was… Continue reading Why code = art();

New Beginnings

Are you a long time reader from this old blog? Do you remember how many versions we have explored on this site? . If you do, thank you very much for all this years of support and attention. If you don’t, welcome to a new chapter. Alexertech is my long time and never ending project… Continue reading New Beginnings