Alex B. is a professional with fifteen years of experience in software and systems development for web and desktop environments with a solid knowledge in several technologies. Certified professional in IT security (OSCP, OSWP, OSCE). Proactive, efficient and effective in projects execution, and an extensive experience with online work groups and collaborative environments.


Developer Skills

Advanced knowledge in Python, Java, PHP and Perl. Fullstack with MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node), jQuery and Laravel. Also had developed modules for CMS's like Wordpress.

Operating Systems

GNU/Linux power user, specially with Kali, Debian, openSUSE, CentOS, Fedora and Gentoo. Also advanced knowledge on OSX (macOS) and FreeBSD.

Hacking and Security

OSCP, OSWP and OSCE Certificate in IT Security, pentesting, application auditing, exploit coder, wireless attacks, and intrusion detection systems.

Other skills

Familiar with Development Groups and version control system like GIT. Also had worked in Agile Development (XP, Scrum). Studies on Gamification, Usability and Graphic design.

Featured Projects

Virtual Classroom

Long distance training system that worked from 2010 to 2015 with over 1000 students who participated in various courses online at alexertech.com

Management and Control Systems

Focused on project management, construction, inspections, and large-scale following, keeping track of various offices of an organization. 3 systems developed.

Systems for efficiency

This scheme focuses on improving organizational efficiency, with the implementation of document control, personnel, payroll and HR. 7 systems developed.

Web design and development

Development of various Web portals with modern standards like HTML5 and CSS3 plus jQuery dynamic graphical interfaces and logical cores in PHP and MySQL. 8 pages developed.

Game Development

Games development skills in Unity 5 and RPG Maker. Programming in C # scripts and integration of third-party application components.

Information Security

Security research and pentesting. Bulletproof applications. Deployment of intrusion detection systems, network overseer and security policy.