Coding Challenges

Recently I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge on my Twitter, after taking a time to research what to do, and how to accomplish getting all those days marked on my Github.

Current Github Situation

In the last year I have contributed to so many projects in different private repositories on Gitlab, and other services, that completely neglected my open source contributions and giving some love to my Github profile. In an eventual job change, this will be a very important place to show my coding skills.

Challenging myself to do some coding has been a very interesting experience so far. The plan is:

  • Twitter Clone with Java Spring, Thymeleaf and MongoDB
  • Reddit Clone with Ruby On Rails and PostgreSQL
  • GoodReads Clone with Typescript, React and MongoDB
  • Simple Dating Site with Laravel and MySQL
  • Classic Online Store with Django and some NoSQL (probably mongo)

Originally my idea was to invest only 20 days per project, but in the practice I have found that these couldn’t be linear days. There are many other things that will interfere so decided to relax a bit the process and just get all these applications done will be the main focus on my challenge.

Flex the brain muscles

After 5 years focused on penetration tests and information security, I have found that some parts of the old coding brain got rusted. Good thing is that is another muscle, so it needs to exercise from time to time.

Any interesting project in your mind? Do you want to join the challenge and share comments, questions? Ping me on Twitter and let’s work together and get all those Github squares green again!

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