New Beginnings

Are you a long time reader from this old blog? Do you remember how many versions we have explored on this site? .

If you do, thank you very much for all this years of support and attention. If you don’t, welcome to a new chapter.

Alexertech is my long time and never ending project which started as a simple idea back in 2005.

At first it was just a place for my Internet identity, then changed as a personal portfolio. Next became a site where I shared coding research articles and finally in 2007 evolved to a full business site with a virtual training project that ended in 2015.

The last site statistics

After years of “radio silence“, finally decide to come back following one of the original ideas (the one I enjoyed the most): a place for publish all my research, coding adventures, and random thoughts.

What about the “Aula Virtual

After several attempts to bring back to life the project from 2015, I just decided to give up and completely abandon the idea.

Was a hard decision since everybody knows how much I love teaching, and had plenty of members from the old site asking for the return. Unfortunately, after reviewing the immense amount of resources online, which are free or very low priced, gave me the feeling of repeating instead of bringing something new.

This was a very good and innovating idea back in 2007 when I started, but not in the actual times.

To be honest, keeping my “Free and Open Source” mindset, the plan for the future is to find a way to publish all those courses updated, and release all the code and samples free as in freedom and free beer.

For that to happen, I need to find an alternative sources of income to support my family to finally devote myself to publish knowledge and content.

The purpose

Will keep this site as simple as possible, and focus entirely in the quality of the writing and content, so feel free to reach out and let me know your thoughts about everything.

For comments, suggestions, thoughts, feelings, anything, please reach out to me and let me know.

Thank you, and welcome back!

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