The game development dream

I guess that many of us working on IT for so many years at some point had this dream (specially the gamers): Develop my very own video game and, why not, actually do some type of career / profit with it.

My studies on AI and Unity have ups and downs every time, since I actually need a full time job to support a family of four, and whenever I have a moment, must be invested on research on my current work field (infosec)

But today the rebirth of the idea just happened when I found the game: Mekorama by @MartinMagni.
My original dream was falling apart just with the though of how many people will require to put a good quality game up, but after finding this game and see that a single developer did everything, from music, artwork, and programming, just revived the though: "It is possible!".

Another incredible example: Astrokat by @minionsart. I had the curiosity and asked her about how much time put into the game and the answer was: "2 years of time while trying to figure everything out/learning". Starting from the very very scratch, and learning the way up.

Now not only has an beautiful looking game in progress, but also shares gold class tutorials about 3D modeling, textures and lots, lots of knowledge so we can join the adventure by ourselves.

The message is clear

Just put some time in the things you want for the future, and before you know, you will be doing exactly what you may desire.

That was my case when I switched from developer to infosec, and now, should I start looking a future change to gamedev?

Why not? :)